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APMEX - Watch Less, Plan More With Market Alerts

3/03/2010 04:17:00 PM, Posted by APMEX, No Comment

Free personalized APMEX Market Alerts give you exclusive VIP information – delivered by text message or email!

As an APMEX Customer, you can take advantage of this FREE service – only available at APMEX! We understand that you are busy and we value your time. The market moves quickly and that can be incredibly frustrating at times, especially when you have missed your target prices.

You don’t need to spend your valuable time watching spot metal price movements. We’ll watch the market movements minute by minute for you! When any of your target prices are met, we will immediately text message or email you. This tool helps you uncover those great buying and selling opportunities. With APMEX at your side 24/7, you can buy or sell EXACTLY when the price is right for you.

What are the advantages of APMEX Market Alerts?
  • Sends you text messages or emails when metals reach your target price
  • Helps you maximize your buy-in position
  • Helps you maximize your sell or exit strategy
  • Keeps you on track with your investment goals
  • Allows you to react faster to changes in the market

APMEX Market Alerts are simple to set up and manage. You may create a free account at APMEX or login to your existing account. While on your “My Account” page, click the tab at the top of the page labeled “Market Alerts”. You may then use the drop down menus to select the metal type for your alert, whether you are interested in a price rise or a price fall, and then enter a specific dollar amount in the field.

For example, if you are interested in receiving an APMEX Market Alert email when the price of Gold dips below $1,200.00 per ounce, you should set your Market Alert for Gold: Ask Falls Below: $1,200.00. If you want to know when the price of silver moves up to $16.00, simply set your Market Alert to Silver: Ask Rises Above: $16.00.

It’s that easy! Once you have successfully set up your Market Alerts, we will automatically email you when the precious metal’s spot price meets your specific criteria. This will allow you to make informed decisions about your precious metals trades.

Create your FREE Market Alerts now to start buying low and selling high!

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