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MARKET ALERT - Weaker Dollar Drives Record Gold Price Again

10/13/2009 11:18:00 AM, Posted by APMEX, One Comment

In overnight trading, Gold reached a new all-time high of $1,069.00 on continued fears of a weakening U.S. Dollar!

Gold continues its steady upward march, fueled by a weakening U.S. Dollar and fears of inflation. According to CNN Money, “There is speculation that the weak dollar will continue to depreciate as the U.S. budget deficit swells and investors flock to higher yielding currencies. The dollar index, a measurement against a basket of currencies, has tumbled about 14% from its March high.”

Whenever times of economic uncertainty are upon us, smart investors buy GOLD! This news is everywhere in this morning’s headlines in the mainstream financial media:

“Gold Pushes to another record high Tuesday” – Yahoo Finance
“Gold hits new high on rising oil, weaker dollar” –

If you purchased GOLD one week ago when we alerted you to the fact that it had broken new ground, each ounce of Gold that you purchased would have increased in value by approximately $35.00 or 3%. That is an amazing return in just one week.

No one is certain whether Gold prices will continue to climb, but each day more analysts are predicting higher and higher prices. If you are planning to add gold to your investment portfolio, now may be the perfect time to do so.

At APMEX, our supply is limited so buy your GOLD now!

One Comment

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