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APMEX - Golden Goose Lays 220 Lb Nest Egg!

2/25/2009 09:15:00 AM, Posted by APMEX, No Comment

The largest and most expensive gold bullion coin in the world is for sale and YOU can purchase it today from one of the nation’s best and most trusted precious metals dealers. The current gold value of this coin alone is over 3.1 million dollars. Offered at only 5% over spot, this coin is sure to turn the heads of investors and collectors alike.

The American Precious Metals Exchange (, of Edmond, Oklahoma, is proud to announce that it has been chosen to sell one of the few specimens of the world’s largest gold coin.

Comprised of .99999 percent fine gold bullion, this coin weighs 100 kilos, about 220 pounds. The Royal Canadian Mint placed a face value of $1,000,000.00 Canadian Dollars on this coin. This Canadian Maple Leaf coin is the largest, purest, and highest denomination coin ever minted.

The coin features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, and Canada’s national symbol, the maple leaf, on the reverse.

This extremely rare coin is one of only five minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. Although this coin gave the Royal Canadian Mint bragging rights for making the world’s largest and purest gold coin, the new owner will have significant ownership bragging rights as well.

If you have serious inquiries about the sale of this coin, you can visit APMEX online or contact APMEX directly at Be sure to include your contact information, so an APMEX representative can respond to you about the arrangements.

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