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Investors Stampede For Silver Buffalo Rounds!

12/17/2008 09:17:00 AM, Posted by APMEX, No Comment

Bullion investors and numismatic collectors continue to be highly concerned about global markets midway through December 2008 (see recent Gallup Poll), as evidenced by the speed in which they purchased Silver Buffalo rounds from APMEX. Holiday shoppers cleaned up on over 200,000 Silver Buffalo rounds in just over 28 hours before the 12 Days of Christmas sale at APMEX officially ended.

Many consumers responded with their gratitude in emails to the company. “Thank you also for your EXCELLENT service. I always KNOW when I purchase from you all that the order will be handled with integrity. I have never regretted a single purchase from APMEX! And each has been PERFECT, as described, when received. THANKS! THANKS!”, was one of many customer emails received over the past few weeks from satisfied consumers around the nation.

This was the grand finale of APMEX’s highly anticipated and highly attended sales event for the holidays, which produced great savings and opportunities for investors and collectors nationwide. The holiday promotion saw numerous high points, opening with a phenomenal reaction from buyers – the sellout of over 200,000 Silver American Eagle coins in less than 24 hours. This trend continued throughout the promotion as clever investors took advantage of many other great savings and investment opportunities.

Even in the depths of the current financial crisis, many new investors have been flocking to APMEX, seeking a respite from the flailing stock market. With bleak economic news and unpredictable market behavior, the buying public has dramatically increased their purchases of silver, gold and numismatic items. The bottom line: consumers are cutting back on their typical holiday budgets and increasing purchases geared toward protecting their assets to help make Christmas Futures brighter.

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