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Shipping Procedures & Concerns

8/04/2008 07:26:00 AM, Posted by Elise, No Comment

We are back for more of the concerns from our recent survey. In the previous post we clarified the APMEX Cash Discount and tried to address some of your concerns. Make sure you catch up on the previous post and comments too.

Now, on with the next topic that concerned a few people on our survey.

Part 2 - Shipping Procedures & Concerns

Another concern that some people mentioned on the survey was APMEX’s shipping policies and procedures. Here’s an example of one of the comments about shipping from the survey:

“Shipping remains a problem with poor USPS tracking and reporting. There has to be a better service out there.”

We completely understand your concerns about shipping. It’s your investment or collection we’re dealing with. Naturally you’re concerned.

Right now, APMEX is using the USPS Registered and Insured mail to deliver packages. Registered Mail IS Priority Mail, and only selected professionals at APMEX and the USPS are allowed to work with Registered Mail. Your package is secured literally from cage to cage - any person moving your product is required to sign for it.

Because the package is “Registered Mail” it must be signed for at delivery, protecting you from the dreaded “mis-delivery” situation. Registered mail is also insured, which provides a level of protection for both APMEX and our customers.

Any shipping problems are a rarity though. If there is a problem, APMEX replaces your order with a new shipment or refunds your money. Then we take up the fight with the USPS Insurance to get the package or money back.

In short, we maintain responsibility for your product from when you place your order all the way to delivery. We don’t leave you out on the hook to deal with the insurance claims and the USPS. We don’t want you to have to experience that – so we deal with it for you.

There are other delivery services out there. We have tried many of them and continue to spot check them from time to time. We ship and receive thousands of packages with Registered USPS Mail every week, and have found the USPS to be the most trusted, reliable and cost-effective delivery method.

We don’t want to raise any more attention to your metals than you do – that’s why we ship plain brown packages with minimal addressing via the USPS…it all looks very mundane and boring to everyone else.

If you do ever experience any shipping problem, you can contact the Post Master at your local USPS Branch, or simply give us a call.

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